Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pyrenees Cheese with Tasmanian Peppers plus Wensleydale and Cider update

On yet another wet day a couple of weeks ago I tried a different cheese with my able helper and visiting daughter in law Teresa. This time we tried a Pyrenees recipe from an Artisan Cheese making book with a little Tasmanian flair, adding Tasmanian Mountain Peppers to the mix.

After part of the pressing process, it looked like this, with a little bit of leaking of colour from the peppers. I then air dryed it for several days before waxing. In fact I had to wax it twice as it started leaking liquid a day or so after the first waxing so I obviously hadn't dried it enough.

It is now maturing in the "cave" with the remains of the Cheddar, Manchego and Wensleydale. I think we have to wait a couple of months for it to mature before tasting it.

This is the Wensleydale, cut after one month for tasting. It was very tasty although the sage didn't give it a lot of extra flavour.

The cider made with apples and pear turned out well. The juiced apples with store bought apple juice version was very tasty. The pear version was a bit bland. I think straining the juice would make an even better product but that can wait until we have some riper apples in a month or so. We have been having a real problem with crows developing a taste for knocking fruit out of the trees so now I have old CDs hanging all around the garden trying to deter them. Fingers crossed - it seems to be working so far!

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