Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sensational Sour Cherry Strudel and a Peach Glut, March 19th 2013

Last week, after watching a first episode in the new series of Gourmet Farmer on SBS,  I was inspired to start using some of the frozen Morello cherries that I picked in January. Matthew Evans met up with a friend ,originally from Croatia, who showed him how to make a sour cherry strudel. Seemed a simple recipe other than having to deal with fiddly filo pastry so I gave it a go on the weekend. The filo was fiddly as predicted but who cares when the result tastes so good. Sour cherry would have to be one of my most favourite flavours! Yummmmm!  I can see this recipe becoming an all time favourite.

I was busy bottling tomato paste and drying tomatoes on the weekend but one new thing that I tried was making peach leather. The peaches are rapidly ripening on the tree so I am going to have to come up with some uses for them. This peach and passionfruit leather looks and tastes nice.

 I also made a peach and walnut cake for my book club last night.....looks nice and tastes that way as well.  There seem to be millions of peach cake recipes on the net so just picking one was difficult. This one came from a site called Foodnetwork.