Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scrumpy Cider - Flowerdale style

For Christmas , my son gave me some Oztops and yeast to make my own cider, the easy way. Just add the special yeast to cheap supermarket apple juice, seal with the Oztop which regulates the pressure and in a few days, voila...cider. We tried doing the same with some grape juice but I wasn't so keen on the result. There are two different kinds of yeasts for slightly different results - one more fruity than the other. Both were really nice to drink though.
 Tonight we are doing a bit of an experiment with some windfall apples and pears - put them through the juicer, pasteurise to kill off wild yeasts, add some cheap apple juice, the yeast and put on the Oztop. Maybe in a few days we will have Cider/Perry if all goes well.

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