Thursday, January 1, 2015

Reblochon update and a New Year's resolution. January 1 2015

I am starting off the new year with an attempt to write blog posts more often even if they are short ones. I often take photos of things I am doing ,thinking that i will write a blog about them later and then it doesnt happen! 
Today marked the end of 4 weeks alternate day brine washing of my Reblochon. As my recipe says, the cheese is now quite orange, slightly moist and beginning to soften. Is it the " desired ripeness"? Who knows? But i decided to wrap one in cheese paper and put it in the fridge. The other two, I will let ripen a bit more. They definitely have that stinky cheese smell. At Christmas we actually had a French woman here from the French Alps area, not far from the valley where Reblochon originates. She gave me the thumbs up that it certainly looked and smelt like Reblochon however not yet ripe enough. We might just be brave enough to try it in a couple of weeks time!