Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas treats from the Preserving Patch

 Since the glut of tomatoes last autumn, I have been keeping some semi dried tomatoes in the freezer. With tomatoes being really expensive at Christmas time, this is a perfect opportunity to use them. I dipped them in a little vinegar and then packed the jar with tomatoes, a few peppercorns and covered with olive oil. The verdict? Delicious!
 Raspberries are late this year due to all the rain we have had this spring and early summer. At last now that we have had several days of sunshine in a row, they are starting to ripen in bulk. Perfect for summer desserts especially when added to a few freshly picked strawberries. We have also been having them with our Christmas special Ice Cream Christmas pudding- chocolate and vanilla icecream mixed with chopped marshmallows and dried fruit which has been soaked overnight in Creme de Cacao.

It has been a busy time with lots of visitors but now the summer harvest really begins. There will be lots to blog about in the weeks to come.

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