Sunday, February 6, 2011

Beating the crows to the plum crop.

Some crafty crows have suddenly discovered my plums so it is time to act! I have been letting the Satsuma plums hang on the tree as long as possible as I love to eat them straight off the tree but since I discovered the small Santa Rosa plum crop had disappeared one day, I have been on high alert. I hung some CDs in the fruit trees to try to fool the culprits but yesterday found a few nibbled Satsumas on the ground. I didn't want to risk it any longer so grabbed my bucket and picked the crop.

Plum leather in the dryer

Some I bottled, some I stewed and then made into plum leather for our next bushwalk. I also made some into jam which will go just nicely with the sourdough Turkish bread I made this morning.
 There is one more plum tree left to harvest.
The small Damson plums will be another week or so before they are ready. The tree is absolutely laden so I won't have any trouble finding enough to make into more leather, plum sauce, worcestershire sauce, more jam, cordial perhaps and whatever else I can think of.
Sourdough Turkish Bread

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