Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yummmm- Bottled Apricots

This is the time of year for fresh apricots in Tasmania and the south of the state is the best place to get them as it is a drier climate than here in the northwest. So when we were on our way home from Hobart last week, we called into a little roadside stall at Mangalore and bought 10kg of lovely slightly underripe apricots. I think Tasmanian apricots are far superior to in flavour and bigger than those that I remember getting in Brisbane when I was a kid. The flavour of these apricots bottled or stewed in absolutely heavenly! They are really easy to bottle and save on freezer space.


After washing, halving and removing the seeds, I pack them cut side down in 4inch Fowlers bottles, and fill with water (not syrup as I don't think the extra sugar is either needed or good for you!).

 On go the rubber rings, lids and clips.

Then it is into the preserving pan. The method used with this plastic preserving pan is a bit different from the old copper one I used to have (and then accidentally burnt out a couple of years ago). Now all I have to do is to load up the jars, fill the preserver with water until the jars are covered, then turn it on for 60 minutes. Drain off the water, remove the jars and then let them cool overnight before taking off the clips and checking they have sealed. No more fussing about with certain temperatures and times for different fruits as with the old preserver. Easy.

The finished product, ready to be stored for winter.

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