Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yoghurt making

 One of the benefits of living on a dairy farm means I have access to a lot of raw milk. Many years ago I tried my hand at cheese making but found it very time consuming and the results were not at all what I hoped for! At the moment, I limit myself to making yoghurt once a week, a job which takes very little time and with delicious results, especially when teamed with some frozen raspberries or passionfruit puree as a lunch time treat.  I have finally honed my recipe to give me a thick creamy texture, with a dollop of honey to take away any excess acidity.I heated the milk up while I was having breakfast, added the culture and poured it into a wide-necked thermos. By this afternoon, my weekly batch will be ready to put in the fridge.

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Niko Roberts said...

Interesting.. I will have to learn more about culturing yoghurt *licks lips*