Thursday, June 10, 2010

Morello Cherry Jam

I have a neighbour who owns a commercial cherry farm. Some years ago when I asked if they had any sour cherries in their orchard and they said no, I thought no more of it. Then when I was buying some sweet cherries last summer, the owner told me that "my cherries" would be ready in around New Year and I found out they had planted a morello cherry for me that was now bearing fruit. I was very excited as I love sour cherries after tasting sour cherry juice and sour cherry jam in Europe. Polish "Dzem wisniowy" is absolutely delicious! Just after New Year, I picked the entire crop off the tree . I made some jam and froze the rest with a sprinkling of sugar. These I can use in fruit salads in winter or just pop a couple in my mouth when I am searching for something else in the freezer (instant cherry sorbet!). I have just opened the one jar of jam I made. I told Max that it was pretty horrible and that he wouldn't like it, but that was just so I could eat the whole jar myself!!
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Niko Roberts said...

lol poor Maccy

Can't believe that D planted a morello tree for you!

Sue Roberts said...

Yeah I couldn't believe it either and then he let me pick all the fruit for free!!! He thinks they are horrible but that suits me fine.

janiolka said...

In Poland they are these are unusually popular fruits. Apart from jam we from them are also making juices and compotes. And having such a harvest of the morello cherry, like this year, I am searching for exactly new ideas to preserves.