Thursday, September 2, 2010

Parmesan update / From Plum Blossom to Plum Cake

Three weeks down the track and the parmesan is still in one piece albeit with a few little spots of mould. I turn and wipe it every day either with vinegar or brine but it still seems to have formed some white mould spots which are easy to wipe off and a few little black/brown spots which aren't. I am not sure whether the humidity in my plastic box "cave" is right as they are supposed to be forming a rind and seemed too moist. I left the lid off for a couple of days and one of them developed a small crack, so I think that meant not enough humidity. The lid went back on. Not sure what the outcome will be in a few months time. It could turn out to be a day of my life wasted, although the ricotta make from the whey was very tasty on biscuits with a little sweet chilli sauce.
Meanwhile in the orchard, my Satsuma and Santa Rosa plum trees are starting to blossom. They are only 2 or 3 years old but fingers crossed, if we get some fine calm sunny days, the bees might get busy and I will get a bumper crop. And then....there will be Polish Plum cakes galore next year. Yum yum.

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