Monday, September 6, 2010

Kiwi Fruit and more Kiwi fruit

One day last week I arrived home from work to discover a large box of kiwi fruit on the table in the Preserving Patch kitchen. Since then I have been gathering ideas on what to do with them. Today I have been given a collection of ideas for jam, chutney, sauce, pickles which I might try out next weekend. In the meantime, last weekend I made some fresh juice (with a hint of fresh ginger for added zing) which was very tasty and then thought I would try dehydrating them. The drying process really intensified the flavour and I think they will make great bushwalking snacks for our next hike...that is if they last that long! I have bagged up the dried slices and put them in the freezer to ensure that they last. This way I only had to dry them to leathery texture rather than crisp.


simon cordwell said...

Hi Sue sorry for the delay but work is a bit manic at the moment. Wow kiwi fruit apart from your sugestions of jams, preserved, juice and syrup it is a tough one. I have used kiwi fruit with a bit of mango pureed and used as a sauce for juniper berry seasoned pork fillet, works just as well with chicken breast. No set recipe though just get the sweet savoury balance as you like. As my children say "google is your friend" so I looked up kiwi fruit recipes on google and was pleasantly surprised at the number and variety of recipes for kiwi fruit. From personal experience if the end product you are going to make is to be set as in a jelly, cheesecake or even jam you will need to up the amount of setting agent used. I found this out when I was an apprentice and tried to make kiwi fruit cheese cakes, looked great but just did not set as they should have. So they quickly became a very classy kiwi fruit fool with tuile biscuits and chocolate coated kiw slices.

Happy cooking.

Anonymous said...

I am swamped with Kiwi fruit this year. I have found kiwi jam recipes but unless its raspberry jam it doesn't get eaten in our house! Could you point me in the direction of a kiwi sauce or relish recipe? Now that would be eaten in a flash. As you can only drink so many kiwi martinis!

Sue Roberts: The Preserving Patch said...

Hi Andy
I have created a Kiwi fruit recipe page in the Pages section on the blog with savoury and sweet sauce recipes and a chutney recipe. I also made a kiwi fruit cordial last year which was pretty tasty....followed a basic fruit cordial recipe, not particularly one for kiwi fruit.