Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sowing Seeds for Spring

Well it is not quite spring until next week but it felt like it today. I haven't posted a blog for a couple of weeks but that does not mean I have been idle by any means.
Upstairs in a nice warm room I have punnets of seeds popping up. Italian and Squire Kale and some Beetroot are coming along nicely. I also have started off some Roma and San Marzano tomato seeds in the hope I can have them a decent size and ready to plant by late October.
  Out in the vege patch today, I have sown some carrot, bok choy, parsnips and planted some New Zealand yam tubers. Amazingly, the ground was quite reasonable to dig even after all the rain we have had of late. I always have to protect newly sown seeds from hungry birds here and old mesh baskets from our nursery come in very handy. I also put in some gooseberry plants which had layered themselves from my gooseberry bush - couldn't let them go to waste.

It hasn't been quiet in the kitchen either - I have been experimenting with sourdough breads each weekend. Last night I made some Turkish sourdough bread which went very nicely with a Fish Tagine for dinner. Thanks to Jennie who gave me a Wild Sourdough Bread recipe book for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, there is much more experimenting to do. Maybe even a sourdough Panettone for Christmas breakfast this year. I will have to do an experimental version first of course!

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