Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time to get digging in the Patch

The wind has dried out the soil over the past week and now it is just right for digging. It is best to get in and dig over the ground when it has just the right moisture content to crumble into a tilth as you lift your fork. I got a decent sized area dug over on Friday (before it rained again on Saturday) ready for some planting over the next few weeks. I planted some Squire Kale, lettuce, and  fennel seedlings and, in a week or two, I will plant the first of the sweet corn seeds. I cut my first artichoke( la mamma) yesterday and we shared it for dinner. There are already a few smaller ones (i nipoti - the nephews) forming for the next meal....yum
Meanwhile in the kitchen, I waxed the Cheddar cheese I made last weekend and tried out my new cheese making baskets with a batch of Fetta. We are down to the last little bit of the Fetta that I made in July so this lot is not going to get a lot of maturing time. This time I experimented  using a mix of skimmed evening milk with full cream from the next morning's milk. This is the mix of milk that you use making parmesan but I don't see why it wouldn't work to make a reduced fat fetta.

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