Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Raspberry vinegar and the garlic harvest.

Time for an update on activity in the Flowerdale patch now.  The raspberries have been fruiting for several weeks and we are still getting a few now although the peak has past. Last weekend, I decided to make some raspberry vinegar to mix into a salad dressing. This is a fairly simple operation. Mix equal quantities of raspberries and vinegar in a bowl and let them sit for a week. Strain. Then add sugar and bring to a simmer for a couple of minutes.  That’s it.  The amount of sugar depends on how sweet you like the vinegar. My recipe says to for a cup of vinegar add a cup of sugar but in the past I found this was way too sweet for my taste. I only use a third of that and it is just nice.

Raspberry Vinegar
My garlic planted last March April was also ready for harvest around Christmas time. I thought I would have a go at plaiting it, European style. It is not the best, but at least it looks better than the lot I did last year so my technique must be improving. It is now hanging in the storeroom ready  for use. I really love it roasted whole with a whole lot of other veges in winter.
My (poor) attempt at garlic plaiting!


deadlycraft said...

Hey - that plaiting is better than I could do :) How long do you think the raspberry vinegar would keep?

deadlycraft said...

Oh yes - and what sort of vinegar? Would you go something like a white wine or a cider vinegar or just white?

Sue Roberts: The Preserving Patch said...

The recipe says white wine vinegar or champagne vinegar but I think I used a mix of white wine and ordinary white. I think it would be fine with cider vinegar too. I have a bottle in the cupboard which must be at least 2 if not 3 years old - it is still ok although smells just a little stale that is why I decided to make a fresh batch. I am sure it would be fine for at least a year.