Friday, January 6, 2012

Dal bhaat and momos. Food Adventures in Nepal Part 2

Dal bhaat is a staple of Nepali food. When we were living at the school we had it every day for lunch and dinner. Being used to an extremely varied diet at home, I thought I would get sick of it very quickly but surprisingly I really enjoyed it. I learnt to appreciate the subtle variations of vegetables used in the curry, whether or not it came with pappadums or pickle and whether it was followed by curds and fruit. One feature of ordering dal bhaat is that you are offered top ups of rice, dal or vegetables so it is a great way of making sure you refuel sufficiently when trekking. At this time of the year the curry is mostly made with cauliflower and potatoes.  The whole lot is served on a steel platter divided into compartments for each of the components.

Momos originate in Tibet but as there are a lot of Tibetans living in Nepal, they have become widespread on restaurant menus but you also see them steaming away in big pots in little roadside shops where locals buy them for a snack. They are basically a steamed dumpling similar to ravioli, filled with vegetables or meat. 

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I had momos at a street market stall in Caloundra