Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Food Adventures in Nepal Part 3

terraced paddies
 The slow pace of trekking is a great way to observe the self sufficient lifestyle of the villagers in Nepal. We were there for late autumn harvests so got to see quite a bit of activity.
rice ready for harvest

Harvesting on the lower lands of the Annapurna panorama circuit

The main crops in evidence were rice in various stages of growth and harvest, mustard in flower or being winnowed, corn drying under the eaves of buildings, curry leaves drying on the roof of our guest house in Ghandruk.
Curry leaves drying on the roof in Ghandruk
Yellow flowers of mustard in fields near Nagarcot
Grain harvest at Hille

Winnowing mustard seed in Ghandruk
working with the harvest on a rooftop in Thimi
Corn cobs drying in Mulkarka
But now it is back to the Preserving Patch summer activities. Stay tuned, the harvest has begun in Flowerdale too.

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