Saturday, August 13, 2011

There's a hint of spring in the air!

 There is feeling of spring in the air around here. Suddenly the grass has started to grow again and the daffodils are flowering.  Today I have been collecting about 20 bags of seaweed from the beach at East Wynyard to mulch my raspberry patch. It is a great free resource and I wasn't the only one with the same idea today but there was plenty to go around. Max has also been cleaning out one of the calf sheds and spreading the very fertile but rather stinky bedding around the fruit trees. Just need a bit of rain to wash away the smell now.
Also today I have got around to putting in an order with The Lost Seed company for some more vege seeds. So many heritage varieties to choose from! This summer I am going to try out some new things like a French melon which tolerates cooler climates and a variety of cool climate watermelons as well. Last summer was nonexistent, wet and never quite warm enough, so there was no way I could replicate the previous summer's inaugural crop of watermelons.
Roma tomato, broccoli, kale and fennel seedlings
I have already got a few punnets of seeds growing in a nice warm spot upstairs and soon I will start putting in lots more of my summer vege seeds to have ready for planting when all the frosts are over in a couple of months.
Not a lot new happening in the Kitchen this weekend - I made sourdough bread last night and have a block of Sage Wensleydale cheese in the press tonight. It was a bit tricky timing the cheesemaking steps with the trip to the beach so I hope it turns out ok. The last one I made and wrote about in November or December was really good so I have meaning to try it again for a while.

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