Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Cheese updates and time to put the spuds in.

 The Caerphilly that I made last week has only just dried out enough to wax this morning. Now it can join all the other cheeses in the cheese fridge.

Like this Parmesan which is now just about a year old. It looks a bit mouldy on the outside but it has a hard rind so I think it will be fine inside. Might try it out soon.

The Brie from February is not looking so white mould on the outside as it should have, and rather than soft and creamy inside, it is still hard. I think this might be one for the chooks.

Outside in the garden, where we pulled out the dead grevillea last weekend, the seed potatoes are laid out ready for planting. Three types this year - Bismark, King Edward and Dutch creams. Let's hope the summer is a bit better this year so that we have don't have the same problems with rot as last summer.

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