Sunday, February 13, 2011

To Brie or not to Brie - that is the question.

Monterey Jack with Tas. Mt Pepper leaves
Pepper Leaf Monterey Jack
drying Brie on sushi mats
 I had a cheese making day on Saturday and thought I would try 2 different types mainly because I got 2 different starter cultures going. Brie and Camembert cheeses use a slightly different culture called Flora Danica which I have had sitting in the fridge in a sachet for a few weeks. I also got some proper Penicillium this time rather than using shavings of shop Camembert to inoculate the milk. I hope I have better luck with mould growth this time. I had to throw out the second lot of Camembert as it never grew any mould at all . The other cheese I made was Monterey Jack which I thought I would spice up with some Tasmanian Mountain Pepper leaves mixed into it. I hope it doesn't end up too hot as those pepper leaves can be pretty fiery.

I have been pretty busy out in the vege garden over the last few weeks, harvesting and also trying to start off my winter veges. It looks quite different from the last time I took photos in early spring! I am still waiting for the tomatoes to start producing en masse. The summer has been so wet and mild this year I am wondering if I will get anywhere near my normal bulk crop. I just hope I have enough for lots of preserved puree/passata.


PalumaPrint said...

to brie or not to came to bury the Camembert not to praise it (apologies to Shakespeare)

Sue Roberts: The Preserving Patch said...

Let's hope I don't end up burying the Brie but can praise it instead then!