Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's still Winter but Spring seems not far away

The last two days have been mostly sunny and unseasonally warm so yesterday, whilst my sourdough bread was proving in a bowl , I got busy having a big clean up in the vege patch. The weeds are starting to flourish and some veges are showing signs of going to seed. I pulled out all but one of my head high Portuguese Kale after making some Caldo Verde for our lunch, cleared and dug over some ground to sow some mesclun lettuce, planted some Pink eye potatoes and planted a sucker of a globe artichoke as well. We are still eating lots of fresh leeks, fennel, carrot, parsnip, broccoli, kale, lettuce, silver beet, beetroot and bok choy as well as stored pumpkins, and heaps of stuff in the freezer. And while I was in the gardening mood, I put in an order for some seeds from The Lost Seed company - a great source of heritage seeds and also I discovered,  New Zealand yam tubers, which are going to be my next experiment.
We also made a cheese press this weekend - one that won't allow the weights to slide off and crash into things - so now I am ready to tackle some more cheese making. Maybe next weekend. And maybe we had better eat some of the cheese in the fridge first.

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