Sunday, December 10, 2017

Marinated Fava Beans. Sunday December 10 2017.

There's a bumper crop of fava / broad beans in my garden this year. Despite looking somewhat bedraggled today due to the strong westerly winds trying to push them over, they are laden with beans beans and more beans. I have frozen heaps already but when my daughter suggested marinating some, I immediately asked Google for some ideas. 
This recipe sounded good so I did a trial batch last night and then another two jars this morning.
Verdict....delicious. Somehow I can't see these making it through to Christmas but then........I still have lots to pick in the garden so that won't be a problem.
All you have to do is blanch the beans for 3 minutes then cover them with the marinade made of equal parts red vinegar and olive oil, some chopped herbs (coriander in this case), salt, black pepper, some cumin seeds, minced garlic and a little lemon zest.