Sunday, May 24, 2015

Harvest of the Sea. Sunday May 24 2015

I suddenly realised the other day that I hadn't done a blog post for some time after such a good start to the year.
The autumn garden harvest is finally finished so as the weather has been spectacularly beautiful this weekend, I decided to go fishing. Vegetarians stop reading now!  I thought my kayak fishing for the season had finished but couldn't resist the temptation when the forecast was for calm and sunny days and decided to go for one more trip before putting the kayak in the shed until late spring. Rocky Cape National Park , where I have had a bit of previous success ,was my destination. The day was frosty but with no wind. It was just beautiful on the water today.
Yesterday I caught three Australian or cocky salmon and one less tasty blue throated wrasse or parrot fish. The salmon went straight into the freezer for another day and I filleted the parrot fish to use tonight.

Today ,even though the day was calmer, the fish weren't biting and I was almost ready to give up and come home when I suddenly landed a squid. That made the trip worthwhile so it is Squid ink Risotto on the menu for tonight ( with the parrot fish which is not so tasty on its own).

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