Sunday, August 24, 2014

Clotted cream but where are the scones? August 24th 2014

This weekend it was a good one to stay inside as I fought off winter ills that until now I have been able to avoid this year. What to do inside? Time to experiment in making clotted cream. I have been meaning to try for ages and never got around to it. It is not that difficult.
First I brought 5 litres of evening milk to 76 degrees C in a double boiler to avoid the milk burning on the bottom. I then kept it at that temperature for about 40 minutes before taking it off the heat, wrapping the saucepan in tea towels and putting in a foam box to slow the cooling process as much as possible. Next day, about 18 hours later, it was time to skim the cream off the top with a slotted spoon. That's it!
And not to waste the skim milk I was left with, I turned it into ricotta to make cheesecake.
Now I am just waiting for someone to whip up some scones to have the cream with for a true Devonshire tea Or is that Cornish?

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