Tuesday, December 3, 2013

No-Effort New Potatoes December 3 2013

In August when I was planting seed potatoes, I got Max to pile mulch around the edge of the potato patch so that I should spread it around the potatoes once they were up and growing well. I had previously thrown all the green potatoes from last summer around the edge as well.
 I was finally getting around to weeding the bed and spreading some of the mulch around the other weekend, when I discovered under the plants which had sprung up, a bonanza of beautiful clean blemish free new spuds in the mulch. I now have at least 3 bucketful of new potatoes stored in paper bags in the cupboard! And I haven't even started on digging the planted potatoes yet. Has set us thinking about setting aside another part of the garden and piling it up with a few green potatoes then a pile of calf bedding mulch and letting them do their own thing! It's certainly easier than digging over the dirt and with such excellent results.

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