Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kiwi fruit chocolates. December 26th 2013

This year for Chirstmas gifts I made some delicious kiwi fruit chocolate by chopping up kiwi fruit I dried in the winter and then adding it to melted couverture or cooking chocolate. I bought some little silicon moulds to try to make some nice shapes although with the amount of kiwi fruit I was trying to add, they didn't exactly turn out perfectly smooth. Still, they taste pretty good! They even made it safely across to the other side of the world in time for a Portuguese Christmas. Thanks for the photo Niko and Teresa!

We also ate the last of the chocolate coated raspberries that have been in the freezer since last Christmas so of course I had to replenish the supply now that it is raspberry season again.

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New Zealand Kiwi fruit said...

That looks super delicious. I'm a chocolate and kiwi lover and this is great for me. I should try this.