Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Taste of Portugal : Part 1

The other half of our recent trip to Europe was spent in Portugal.  Our son lives in Portugal and has Portuguese in-laws so we get to taste the real food of Portugal and not just the tourist fare.
My favourite dish from my last visit to Lisbon was Sardinhas grelhadas (grilled sardines), however May is not the season for fresh sardines. Niko’s father in law however found some frozen ones and cooked them just for me! They are cooked on a special griller – the sardines are sprinkled with salt and placed on a rack over an electric element which is suspended over a tray filled with water. Never seen anything like it in Australia but it does a superb job. . 

first course..........

and just in case you were still hungry
Peniche harbour
A few days later we went on a day trip to Peniche and had lunch in a restaurant within sight of the fishing port and we could see fishing boats at work not far offshore.  I figure the grilled mackerel  that I had was as fresh as you can get. It was absolutely delicious but I forgot to take a picture. This was the view.

On the way back to Lisbon that evening, we called in at the World Heritage listed town of Obidos. The speciality of Obidos is Ginginja - a sour cherry flavoured liqueur. In Obidos, the favourite way to have it is in a cup made of chocolate. So as the sign says, drink the ginja and eat the cup. Yummm!

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