Monday, June 25, 2018

Food Adventures in Montenegro Part 2, 25th June 2018

Back into Montenegro after our little trip into Albania and the adventure continued. We were still savoring the produce of our Lake Skadar Airbnb as we had bought a bottle of their home made elderflower syrup, a perfect refreshment when mixed with voda sa gasom (mineral water). After overnighting in the Prokletije Mountains and the beautiful valley of Grbaja, where I had real Turkish style coffee

we headed to Kolašin, the nearest town to our next National Park, Biogradska Gora. And what a welcome we had at our apartment on the edge of town. Our host Slobodan arrived with  homemade cheese, obligatory rakija shots and a bottle of Vranac the local Montengrin red wine along with his friend Zelkjo as his translator.

Next morning before we set off to the national park for the day, Slobodan arrived with some cake to take. There was lots of walking to do, so we appreciated the supplement to our standard lunch of bread, cheese and salami.

The following morning, to celebrate the birthday of both Max and Zelkjo, Slobodan arrived with more cake and rakija to send us on our way.
One more national park to visit near the border with Bosnia. After following the Tara Canyon for about 60km, snacking on fresh strawberries bought from a viewpoint stall and melting left over ice cream

, we arrived at Durmitor National Park, ski resort in winter and popular tourist destination in summer. We finally got to buy some southern Balkans staple,  burek,  a spinach and cheese variety as well as a sweet cherry one. Eaten too fast for a photo from our lunch spot with this view.

Last night in Montenegro was an excuse for a break from self catering. We stayed in the old hydroelectric village of Pluzine on the lake.

Nearby, on a drizzly evening, Restoran Jezero was open for business although we appeared to be the only diners. We had to try the famous Njeguski pršut..a dry cured ham.

I followed this with some trout from the lake (jezero) while Max had the unappetizing sounding but tasty boiled lamb. Perhaps we didn't really need the side dish of salad with home made kajmak cream/cheese on top. Certainly no room for dessert after that lot!

And so all that remained was the drive to the border. Wow what a drive though. 56 tunnels hacked through the rock as we passed the long arms of the lake, over a huge dam wall then following the Piva canyon to the single lane bridge border crossing.


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Great photos and story!

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