Thursday, December 24, 2015

Summer Pudding, Christmas Eve 2015

It's well and truly berry season. Everything is early this year due to the warm and very dry ( drought) Spring perhaps. I have been picking raspberries, loganberries, blueberries, strawberries, jostaberries and gooseberries. I have always wanted to try making a Summer Pudding when we had fresh fruit so yesterday I actually got around to doing it.
I forgot to take a photo last night before we had our first try so this is a close up of the remainder this morning. It was pretty easy to make. Heat the berries in half a cup of water with a quarter cup of caster  sugar. Line a bowl or cgame nation er with some slices of bread, crusts taken off and the edges soaked in the berry juice so that they join together. Pour the fruit in. Cover with more soaked bread. Cover with plastic wrap then weight it down with a couple of tins and refrigerate. Easy and delicious!  Merry Christmas everyone!

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