Monday, June 16, 2014

Food Adventures in Iceland Part 2. June 15th 2014

Rhubarb is about the only "fruit" we have seen grown in Iceland and used in cooking. It is not technically a fruit really but is very tasty in a pie,

or in jam.
We thought we saw some growing on the side of the road near a cottage we were staying in....but weren't game enough to cook it and eat it in case it was a poisonous lookalike.

Early on in our trip in a little fishing village called Olafsvik,  we went hunting for fresh fish to buy.
Eventually after much driving around and asking people hanging around buildings at the dock, we found a man who showed us some big tubs of fish.  He seemed quite bemused about our interest and when we asked how much for two of these Oceanic Red fish,  he said we could just have them for nothing! I don't think people usually just turn up at the docks to buy fish here. They tasted very nice that night for dinner though.

One night we stayed on a dairy farm where you could watch live action milking on TV from your hotel room! That night we had a buffet dinner with lovely lamb soup, roast lamb, quiche, cod, salmon and finished it off with rhubarb pie and their homemade ice cream. There was a pretty special view of a glacier from the dining room too!

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