Sunday, August 12, 2012

Romanesco Broccoli and more greens

What a beautiful colour this Romanesco broccoli is in the sunlight.

We seem to have plenty of green vegetables to choose from at the moment. This year I have grown Romanesco broccoli . I t develops a beautiful big head with a vibrant yellow green colour but once cut doesn’t develop any new shoots like the variety of broccoli I have grown in the past.  I seem to have several heads maturing at once but they seem to last quite well on the plant and don’t suddenly develop into flower heads.  With fennel, some chinese cabbage leaves and artichokes as well, there is more than enough choice for the next few meals.
not so colourful in this corner of the kitchen

This weekend I sowed a few seeds into punnets for early spring seedlings – beetroot, rocket, pak choy, snow peas, fennel.  They should be ready to plant out once the ground dries out enough to dig over. 

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