Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bottling some of the apple crop, roasted capsicums in oil and how is that Emmental doing?

It's been raining today so a good opportunity to stew up some of the apples which have been sitting in the fridge since I picked them. By bottling them in Fowlers Vacola jars, they will last for a long time, years even, so it is a very energy efficient way to preserve. There are 10 jars now waiting to cool down before they get put in the store room.
Yesterday I picked 10 green capsicums while weeding my way around the garden. That gave me a good opportunity to try one of the recipes I have been saving up. Actually I kept on weeding and my kitchen assistant Pico made the recipe instead.  Roasted capsicums in oil. First roast the capsicums until you can peel the skin off (actually this wasn't possible to do so they ended up still with the skin on) then chop them up and put them in olive oil with some spices- coriander, peppercorns, garlic and bay leaves. We had to try them for lunch today. Tasted pretty good but it seems like a lot of capsicums to just make one jar.
And finally the Emmental that I made a few weeks ago has spent a week in the cheese fridge then 2 weeks in a warm room so that the bacteria in the cheese are able to multiply. The cheese swells up and now I have waxed it and put it in the cheese fridge to mature for a few months.

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