Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When Camembert goes wrong - what does it become?

After the success of my January batch of Camembert, I decided to have another go a couple of weekends ago. I followed exactly the same recipe. I don't know if it was that the weather was quite humid that day and so didn't allow for enough drainage but something went radically wrong this time. First of all there was no mould growth after a few days and secondly the initially 3cm or more thick rounds collapsed. Eventually I gave up on expecting the mould growth and tried spraying some penicillium culture on mixed with a little water, using an atomiser bottle. This is the result. A bit of mould growth but the cheese is starting to ooze. Actually it sort of tastes ok - at least the people who came to my book discussion group the other night seemed to think so. They wolfed it down! I had a store-bought King Island brie on the plate as well - what a bland flavour after the super ripeness of my January batch. And the nice thing was - my cheese was all eaten and there was brie left whose did they prefer? 

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