Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sourdough from scratch

When I was away in Nepal for a month, my sourdough starter sat in the fridge unloved. I had frozen some which you could do according to a book I have called Wild Sourdough. On my return the starter in the fridge was rather evil and mouldy looking so it got thrown out immediately. I thought I had the backup starter in the freezer.  I defrosted the frozen starter and despite trying to feed it into life, nothing happened. It also ended up being thrown out. So a couple of weeks ago, I tried making a new starter using the recipe in the book. This one bubbled but had a strange smell which didn’t seem right. That one got thrown out too. 

Eventually  I made a new starter  from scratch using a recipe from the Sourdough Companion website which even though I didn’t let it brew for as long as the recipe suggests, does all the right things….it bubbles, it smells sour and best of all…….the loaf I made and set to rise overnight actually did rise.  The flavor is really good and it has a great texture which is full of big holes.  

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