Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ice Cream Christmas Pudding and Fondue

As the Silly Season approaches, it is time to start thinking about putting things in the freezer for end of year get togethers. The good thing about an ice cream Christmas pudding is that it can sit in the freezer for months (as long as we don't eat it in the meantime) ready for entertaining in the summer.

This is a simple recipe that my mum used to make and we have every Christmas. Soak one and a half cups of dried fruit in one cup of creme de cacao or Kahlua overnight. Next day chop up some marshmallows and mix everything together in some vanilla and chocolate icecream.The recipe says to use 1 litre of each flavour but I always double it as it is so delicious I want Christmas food to last on and on!
Tonight we are having a fondue made with some of our homemade Gruyere cheese. Haven't had a fondue for a long time but it is such a lovely way to enjoy cheese occasionally. We might try dipping in some raw carrot, broad beans and fennel from the garden to see what they are like.

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