Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ripened Camembert and more preserved Lemons

At last some more success with Camembert. I had a couple of failures with this cheese earlier in the year but this batch seems to be just right - coming to a stage of ripeness where the inside just oozes out. Tastes pretty good too. I was a bit concerned that it wasn't going to ripen as the initial mould formation sort of petered out when I turned them over. However, it must have been doing its job properly after all.

Of course this is the time of year when citrus comes to the fore so I just had to make another batch of preserved lemons. When you open the lid of the jar, it is one of my favourite smells! I just wish I remembered to use them more often in my cooking.
I have been out in the garden doing a lot of pruning this long weekend. It is very satisfying to complete my list  of fruit trees and bushes to prune. The vege garden has been cleaned up too - finally the very last of the tomato plants have been pulled out. I still have a few fresh ones to eat although they are not the best quality.

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Pamela said...

Yummo...that camembert looks delicious. Congratulations on your success. Damn temperamental cheese! I've only had the one triumph with camembert... the first time.. so I thought it was easy! HA!