Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mulching in the moisture

This weekend in the vege patch and orchard I have been getting ready for summer. I planted the first batch of sweet corn seed and weeded all the other little seedlings popping up. I still think there might be a rabbit getting in the vege patch despite checking all the boundaries, as the sugar snap pea seedlings are looking a bit nibbled.
 The rabbits are becoming a bit of a problem this year as no calici virus or myxo flea has affected them yet.. Every morning I hear them under the house hitting the heads and often see them through the windows, chomping on things in the garden when they think no one is looking. Of course I never have the camera ready though.
A bale of spoilt straw found its way into the garden during the week so I have been busy spreading it around. Mulching the raspberries and potatoes now will keep the moisture in the soil and hopefully ensure bumper crops later in the year.
Instead of doing any preserving this weekend, I made my Christmas cake instead with lots of fruit soaked in alcohol for a couple of days. By December it will be well matured and ready for all our Christmas visitors.

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