Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gooseberry Jam and Halloumi Cheese

Soon we are heading to Brisbane for a holiday and to see my family. One of my sisters mentioned that she was really enjoying my gooseberry jam and could I bring another pot if I could fit it in the luggage. Today I have had a look in the jam cupboard and there seems to be every flavour except gooseberry. I knew I bagged up and froze some berries in summer for a reason! So today in the Preserving Patch kitchen, it has been gooseberry jam making day. Now I am set to go!
Halloumi after pressing

Salting the halloumi after heating in whey

Halloumi in brine

Yesterday I had a cheesemaking day. I made another batch of fetta first and then tried my hand at Halloumi. This time I used incubated starter culture and rennet which I had bought online. It was much more fiddly than Fetta and required a cheese press for part of the process and then soaking the pressed cheese in heated whey. Despite a bit of a calamity with the make-do cheese press crashing into my sauerkraut pot and cracking it, the cheese actually turned out really well and was just the right texture and flavour. Delicious grilled.

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